Friday, July 11, 2014

Rolling Stone interview with Paul

Very nice, and funny, interview with Paul at Rolling Stone.

Going back to your solo work: is Julian Plenti done? Is he ever going to come back?
Well I did put out an EP called Julian Plenti Lives to sort of answer that.

And I read on a forum that you may be retiring the name.
Yeah, I think I will.  But when I say that the solo stuff existed before Interpol, I was supposed to be Julian Plenti in Interpol. That was my artist name when we were putting together Bright Lights.
We had a band meeting where I said, "OK, I'm going to be Julian Plenti," and they said, "Dude, we're all being ourselves, so why don't you drop the fucking weird name and just use your real name?" So I said, "All right, I'll use Julian Plenti for my solo work, and I'll be Paul Banks for the band."

I think it's hilarious that the band called you out on it.
Yeah, I know. And then Carlos fucking became Carlos D, and it was like, "Well, shouldn't you be Carlos Dengler if I'm fucking Paul Banks?" Whatever.


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