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Interpol on Letterman

Thanks to theaudioperv for uploading the video.

A reminder that the band will be performing Barricade on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight (July 29th) at 11:35 pm eastern & pacific / 10:35 pm central & mountain on CBS. The performance was taped on July 26th.

A funny thing happened on the way to Richmond...

Interesting reports on Twitter from tonight's show. Seems it wasn't just David with flight troubles, but the whole band. Reports from the venue say that their flight was delayed due to bad weather, and the show is running two hours late. Interpol won't take the stage until midnight now.

longarm04 - Interpol not arriving until midnite so I'm headed home. To their credit, The National offered full refunds if you couldn't stay

pixiesgirlleah - So w/ storms & such, Interpol is delayed. Supposed to play at 10.Now scheduled at midnight. I think I smell a rat...

Interpol plays Richmond, VA

Live at The National / Opening bands: The Postelles and Twin Tigers
Preview / Setlist / Photos
Videos: Success / Success & Evil / Lights 1 - 2 / Mammoth / PDA / Slow Hands / Hands Away

Let's hope David can make it to the show:
davidpajo - At 4am, I took three trains to the airport for a 7am flight. Layover in Boston. Flight to Richmond cancelled, so off to NYC for a standby...

Poor David! 19+ hours to get to the show tonight.
davidpajo - 04:15 - Left home for Richmond VA. 23:28 - Wheels touch down in Richmond VA.

More pre-order bonus offers

Newbury Comics - an autographed CD booklet.
Insound - Poster with the CD or Vinyl.

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Ad for the Milwaukee show

(Thanks PQSM)

Topspin talks Interpol campaign

Topspin Media has posted an article that talks a bit about their work with Interpol for the new album/tour campaign.

Interpol reviews and reactions

The Hook review.

Cannibal Cheerleader loves it, though they only have the poor quality rip. But Dumbing of America has the CD, and they don't - "We have an "official" copy of the Interpol record. We're huge fans and.... we're disappointed. Too ethereal. Not enough melody."

Interpol preview

The preview clips are back - Success / Memory Serves / Summer Well (wrong clip, they have Success again) / Lights / Barricade / Always Malaise (The Man I Am) / Safe Without / Try It On / All of the Ways / The Undoing.

Again, with the exception of Lights and Barricade, these are the very low quality web streams, and have the skips in them. Just a warning in case you want a better first listen to the songs.

Atlanta tickets

Tickets for the Nov. 1st show in Atlanta are going on sale Aug. 13th.

Listen to Memory Serves

The Hook has posted Memory Serves, track 2 on Interpol. It's from the poor quality web rip (with the skips included), so if you'd rather wait and hear a clean version, wait a bit longer.

The Fly loves the new album

THEFLYMAGAZINE - #ontheofficestereo Interpol 'Interpol'. Highlights are 'Lights', 'Always Malaise' and 'The Undoing' - all fucking brilliant.
In case you missed it earlier, here's their track by track breakdown.

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Interpol playing radio station Xmas shows?

Crowbi_Wan posted this on the Interpol forum: "Not sure if this is public knowledge yet, but look for Interpol to be playing some Xmas radio shows in December."

Rolling Stone photo

A shot from a recent Rolling Stone photo shoot. (Thanks Interpolfans)
And here's another one.

Interpol album packages

Interpol have posted all of the various packages they're offering for the new album. View the latest news here.

Autumn tour dates announced

Matador just announced the dates and cities for the Autumn tour. Consequence of Sound also has the story.

Interpol iTunes pre-order bonuses

From Matador: "Interpol’s fourth, self-titled album is available for preorder RIGHT NOW on iTunes! Click here to pre-order, and you will receive an instant download of a brand new track: “Barricade”. You’ll also get a free download of “Crimewaves”, an exclusive track, that will only be available to those who purchase the album before the album’s street date (9/7) via iTunes."

Barricade on iTunes UK

Barricade is now available on iTunes UK. (Thanks Paget)

In-store at Amoeba Music?

From Scenestar: "According to Jason Bentley of Morning Becomes Eclectic, word on the street is that Interpol is also scheduled to make its first-ever in-store performance at Amoeba Music on an undisclosed date."

Videos from New Haven

Interpol - Evil live in New Haven, CT. 7-24-10 (Thanks Curepol)

More videos from Curepol - Not Even Jail 1 - 2 / Hands Away / Obstacle 1 1 - 2 / Take You on a Cruise (intro) / Barricade / PDA 1 - 2 - 3- 4 / Mammoth / Say Hello to the Angels 1 - 2 / Narc 1 - 2 / NYC / Lights 1 - 2.

Listen to Interpol

Now up for pre-order on iTunes, with a bonus track, 'Crimewaves', and 30 second previews. Update: Previews have been removed.

You can get a preview of Interpol's new album here. Absolutely loving it so far. (Thanks Interpolfans) Update: The preview has been removed. (Thanks Sofia)

And a reminder that if you pre-order Interpol's new album from Matador, you get a free poster, an Interpol 45 adapter, and you have a chance to win a silkscreen print that will be given away each day.

New Tour Dates

Oct. 21st - San Diego, Ca. at SOMA. Tickets on sale now. (Thanks Starrynights)

Oct. 23rd - Los Angeles, Ca. at the Greek Theatre. Tickets on sale soon, possibly Aug. 6th. More info here. (Thanks Debi)

Also, it looks like the New Orleans show at Voodoo Fest will be on Oct. 31st.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rolling Stone reviews Northampton

Rolling Stone has a review of the Northampton, MA. show. (Thanks PQSM)

Interpol track breakdown

The Fly have posted a track by track breakdown of the new album.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Live debut of Barricade

Interpol played Barricade live for the first time in New Haven, CT. on July 24th.
(Thanks DeborahNIN)