Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Listen to Interpol

Now up for pre-order on iTunes, with a bonus track, 'Crimewaves', and 30 second previews. Update: Previews have been removed.

You can get a preview of Interpol's new album here. Absolutely loving it so far. (Thanks Interpolfans) Update: The preview has been removed. (Thanks Sofia)

And a reminder that if you pre-order Interpol's new album from Matador, you get a free poster, an Interpol 45 adapter, and you have a chance to win a silkscreen print that will be given away each day.


  1. That "here" link no longer works. They took the songs down. :(

  2. Did you get to hear it? If not, I can email you the link to download them. The quality is pretty poor, but I still loved it. : )

  3. I'd love a link please... I missed them on both this and the iTunes page. d3adliner@yahoo.com


  4. I'm checking out that other link you posted up yesterday. Thanks Craig!