Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daniel's picks for SXSW

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  1. I had forgotten you even had this site, Craig. I was thinking the other day about from where I could get Interpol news -- besides the unwieldy official site message board -- and then I remembered your site and even its name. Thanks for making it and keeping it up-to-date.

    I must say that the audience quiet and sound quality of Interpol as the opening act for U2 was far better than when I've seen them live as the main act in Toronto, where the audience is too filled with arrogant, constantly-talking hipsters who don't care about the music. Maybe much of the audience didn't care much at the U2 show, but the speakers projected loudly enough to be heard well over its chatter. It's too bad the setlist was so short and heavy on newer singles. "Lights" and "Success" are great, though.