Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interpol listening parties

Sept. 3rd - Chicago, IL (The Burlington)
Sept. 3rd - Phoenix, AZ (Rip's)
Sept. 3rd - Oakland, CA (Uptown Nightclub)
Sept. 4th - Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Bowl)
Sept. 4th - Seattle, WA (Sonic Boom Records)
Sept. 6th - Los Angeles, CA (The Bar)
Sept. 7th - Chicago, IL (Black Rock Pub & Kitchen)
Sept. 7th - Brooklyn, NY (Veronica People's Club)

Giveaways at the Chicago & Brooklyn events on Sept. 7th (both presented by Consequence of Sound) - Autographed posters by the band, copies of the new LP (on vinyl and CD), and for Brooklyn, two tickets to the band’s November 5th gig at United Palace.


  1. @ Sonic Boom for the signing/listening party. No one else in line yet. Really figured with just 200 spots there would be a few fans here early.

  2. Hey Brian. So do you have to stay there all day, or do you get your ticket and come back later?

  3. Any hints or rumors about any secret shows in the area this weekend? They said no in that KEXP interview, but you never know.

  4. We get our tickets and then come back at 6:00 for the singing. No need to wait around all day. There's college football to watch ;) Any special performance is doubtful. Seems it's just Paul and Sam in town.

  5. Thanks, Brian. Yeah, I have 2 SEC games on right now. : )

  6. Will report back later tonight with photos.

  7. Paul, Sam, and Daniel were all at the Seattle signing. Really poor turnout of fans. Probably didn't even get 100. I asked about a show. They said they'll be back next year and treat the northwest right. Glad to hear it!