Friday, August 13, 2010

Billboard article hints at special events

Billboard has a new article up today, and gives more hints about some special events coming up for release week: "Beggars/Matador VP of marketing Adam Farrell says the campaign for "Interpol" is returning the focus to the group's roots and music, with a spotlight on indie retail. Mom-and-pop stores will receive exclusive CD and LP versions, and the band will also be doing its first in-store performances.

In addition to retail, the campaign is extending to higher-concept art projects similar to what the band did surrounding the "Antics" release, when it opened a gallery space. The group is working with ad agency Wieden + Kennedy to create something Farrell describes as a "visual accompaniment to the album [that will] be all outdoorsy, artsy and technologistic."

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  1. Very interesting. I'm sure you will keep us posted. I wonder if they'll do some extra stuff here in Austin. Matador Records loves Austin.